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Kate in Horse & Hound November 2023

"Clumsy" Giant is Transformed

An18hh gelding finds a winning formula and a new horse is championships bound.

By Sarah Radford

Chard, Somerset

KATHRYN ELLISON had a fruitful outing at her local venue, winning two 1.30ms and two 1.20ms on three horses.

She took her first 1.30m of the weekend by nearly eight seconds on the18hh gelding Tomboy I.

"I think it was more other people not doing the turns than me going particularly fast!" said Kathryn who bought the horse from Adam Botham.

Kathryn has worked hard to improve the rangey14-year-old's way of going.

"He has always had loads of jump but he had no gears and couldn't really sit or shorten, so I think he'd been considered a bit clumsy: We've done a lot of flatwork and he's really coming into himself," she said.

A time fault in the first round stopped Tomboy from also being runner-up in Sunday's 1.30m, which Kathryn won on Daimond, 15.

"Some owners of mine bought him for themselves but he was too much horse, so I took the ride on him initially for the short-term, thinking they'd sell him, but we clicked.

"He's an amazing jumper and we've got some exciting plans for him - although he's an older horse he's been in amateur homes most of his life," said Kathryn, who also took two 1.20m wins on Cruising In The Dark.

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