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"After all these years, Jabeena’s enthusiasm for the sport still shines through and inspires the modern pentathlon team day-in-day out. Her spirit and character endears her to UK Sport... a true character within the high performance sector.

"Jabeena has been our riding coach for the pentathlon programme for the best part of nine Olympic cycles. A phenomenal achievement, something that will probably never be over taken."

"What Jabeena does so well is her ability to be honest and straight to the point, which can bring many smiles to athletes' faces in the way she does that."

Charlie Brown, Modern Pentathlete


"I had two horses with Jabeena, she has done wonders with them and I would recommend anyone send a horse to her, with or without a problem. I find Jabeena's team professional and friendly."

Flick Thorne

"We are lucky to have help from top equestrian Jabeena Maslin when it comes to our horses and jockeys."

Anthony Honeyball Racing

Pentathlon GB, generations of British athletes and I would have never be where we find ourselves today without Jabeena Maslin, one of the best pentathlon riding instructors in the world! We are thankful to Jabeena for her expertise, kindness and tough love nature."

Jan Bártů
GB Pentathlon Performance Director,1988 - 2021

‘" I like more of a forward-going horse. This one was one I had to get after a bit more. Jabeena had to really get after me to ride it forward. She gave me confidence on how to ride the horse. We did well together in the end."

 Kate French MBE on winning her Olympic gold medal in 2021

"Jabeena has taught me from someone who didn't know the difference between the reins and the saddle to Olympic champion."

Joe Choong MBE
Olympic gold winner

"Love Jabeena's no nonsense work ethic - fab trainer."

Christina Hood

"Bought the amazing Gerry from Jabeena. Learnt so much from all at the yard, including jumping the top of the wings. Gerry has jumped Royal Windsor, Royal Tournament, Jersey and now jumping out in Germany with me. Next horse will definitely be from Jabeena!"

Graeme Matthews

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